Volume & Issue: Volume 4, Issue 2 - Serial Number 14, July 2010, Pages 45-93 
Photodynamic Therapy: A New Approach to Remove Embryos of the Wistar Rat

Pages 61-66


Mohammad Nabiuni; Mohammad Hossein Majles Ara; Azar Sheikholeslami

Frequency of Hearing Defect and Ear Abnormalities in Newborns Conceived by Assisted Reproductive Techniques in Royan Institute

Pages 79-84


Seyed Ebrahim Ahmadi; Mohammad Reza Nateghi; Hamid Gourabi; Ramin Mozafari Kermani; Farnoush Jarollahi; Sodabeh Afsharpour; Jalil Kouhpayehzadeh; Abolhasan Shahzadeh Fazeli; Mahnaz Ashrafi

Case Report

Coincidence of Cystic Fibrosis in Mother and her Child Related to Infertility

Pages 85-87


Mehri Najafi Sani; Armen Malekiyan; Alireza Nikzad Jamnani