Volume & Issue: Volume 17, Issue 2, April 2023, Pages 85-151 

Review Article

microRNAs as A Biomarker to Predict Embryo Quality Assessment in In Vitro Fertilization

Pages 85-91


Kresna Mutia; Budi Wiweko; Abinawanto Abinawanto; Astari Dwiranti; Anom Bowolaksono

Evaluation of The Relationship between Cell-Free DNA Fetal Fraction of The Circulatory System and Fetal and Maternal Pregnancy Prognosis: A Prospective Study

Pages 115-119


Khadije Rezaie Keikhaie; Maryam Moshfeghi; Leli Rezaie Kahkhaie; Mahya Eftekhari; Sanaz Ajami; Forough Forghani; Mahdi Afshari

Effect of Endometrial Ablation by Thermal Balloon vs. Hysteroscopy Ablation on Amenorrhea Rates in Patients with Abnormal Uterine Bleeding: A Randomized Clinical Trial

Pages 133-139


Mahdiss Mohamadianamir; Arash Mohazzab; Samaneh Rokhgire; Zeinab Mansouri; Maryam Yazdizadeh; Shima Ghezelbash; Majid Aklamli; Sepideh Azizi

Laparoscopic Removal of Nonseparated Cavitated Horn in Unicornuate Uterus: Surgical Aspects and Long-Term follow-up

Pages 145-150


Massimo Candiani; Nevio Ciappina; Francesco Fedele; Valentino Bergamini; Alessandro Ferdinando Ruffolo; Fabio Parazzini