The Correlation between Sexual Practices and the Development of Antisperm Antibodies

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Infertility is one of the most common and important subjects in today’s obstetrics and gynecology. Immunological factors such as the presence of antisperm antibodies (ASA) are challenging etiologies for infertility. This study was performed to determine the correlation between the type of sexual practices (oral‚ anal and vaginal during menstruation) and the ASA levels in semen and in the sexual partners’ serum.

Materials and methods
In this analytic cross sectional study which was performed in Royan Institute between 2005-2007‚ the type of sexual behaviours was determined in 51 couples with primary or secondary infertility. The ASA level was determined in both sexual partners’ blood serum and in the semen‚ using the Sperm Mar Test kit.

Using statistical analyses‚ there was no significant difference between the types of sexual practices (anal‚ oral‚ vaginal during menstruation) and the prevalence and level of ASA.

Based on the results of this study, the prevalence and level of ASA has no significant correlation with the types of sexual behaviours (anal‚ oral‚ vaginal during menstruation).