Comparison of Immediate and Delayed Transfer of Micro- Injected Oocytes into Fallopian Tubes: A Prospective, Randomized Clinical Trial

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Transfer of micro-Injected oocytes into fallopian tubes is an alternative procedure for IVF-ET with a similar success rate. This could be either done immediately after ovum pick-up microinjected oocytes intrafallopian transfer (MIFT) or after a time interval zygote intrafallopian transfer (ZIFT). This study was designed to compare the outcomes of the two procedures.

Materials and methods
The study population included 149 infertile patients who needed assisted reproductive technologies (ART) and fulfilled the criteria for transfer of oocytes into tubes. 2-5 injected oocytes were transferred into normal fallopian tube either immediately (Group A) or 24 hours later (Group B).

A total of 63 (36.9%) pregnancies were achieved. There were 33 pregnancies in the immediate transfer group and 30 pregnancies in the delayed transfer group. No significant difference was found in the implantation rate and the clinical pregnancy rate.

This study demonstrates that no difference could be observed in outcome between immediate and delayed transfer groups. Therefore, immediate transfer of microinjected oocytes into fallopian tubes or MIFT is the preferred method.