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Preimplantation Testing for Aneuploidy with Comprehensive Chromosome Screening in In-Vitro Fertilization: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

Articles in Press, Accepted Manuscript, Available Online from 26 December 2023


Omur Taskin; Alyssa Hochberg; Justin Tan; Lauren Adye-White; Arriane Albert; Seang-Lin Tan; Suresh Nair; Timothy Rowe; Mohamed A. Bedaiwy; Michael Dahan

Hysteroscopic endometrial fundal incision versus hysteroscopy only in oocyte recipients: A randomized controlled trial assessing the reproductive outcomes

Articles in Press, Accepted Manuscript, Available Online from 12 February 2024


Nikolaos Peitsidis; Ioannis Tsakiridis; Robert Najdecki; Georgios Michos; Ioannis Kalogiannidis; Apostolos Athanasiadis; Evangelos G. Papanikolaou

The effectiveness of intrauterine infusion of autologous platelet-rich plasma versus granulocyte colony-stimulating factor in repeated implantation failure patients: An unblinded randomized clinical trial

Articles in Press, Accepted Manuscript, Available Online from 21 February 2024


Marzieh Mehrafza; Gholamreza Pourseify; Tahereh Zare Yousefi; Raoufi Azadeh; Sahar Saghati Jalali; Elmira Hosseinzadeh; Sajedeh Samadnia; Maliheh Habibdoost; Amirhossein Tamimi; Ahmad Hosseini

The Luteal Phase after GnRHa Trigger-Understanding An Enigma

Volume 8, Issue 3, October 2014, Pages 227-234

Kathrine Leth-Moller; Sandra Hammer Jagd; Peter Humaidan

Does the Ovarian Stimulation Phase Length Predict In vitro Fertilization Outcomes?

Volume 5, Issue 3, October 2011, Pages 134-141

Brie Alport; Allison Case; Hyun Lim; Angela Baerwald

The Survival of a 580 g Infant Conceived by In vitro

Volume 5, Issue 2, July 2011, Pages 116-118

Marzieh Shiva; Mohammad Reza Shiva; Ladan Mohammadi Yeganeh

Flexible Multi-dose GnRH Antagonist versus Long GnRH Agonist Protocol in Poor Responders: A Randomized Controlled Trial

Volume 2, Issue 4, February 2009, Pages 165-168


Ensieh Shahrokh Tehraninejad; Azadeh Fazel; Arash Samiei; Batool Rashidi; Kiandokht Kiani

Discontinuation Decision in Assisted Reproductive Techniques

Volume 2, Issue 4, February 2009, Pages 173-178


Ashraf Moini; Sahar Salehizadeh; Farzaneh Moosavi; Kiandokht Kiani; Soraya Khafri

Effects of Sperm Acrosomal Integrity and Protamine Deficiency on In Vitro Fertilization and Pregnancy Rate

Volume 1, Issue 1, March 2007, Pages 27-34


Marziyeh Tavalaee; Shahnaz Razavi; Mohammad Hossein Nasr-Esfahani