Author = Mohsen Forozanfar
Effect of Culture System on Developmental Competence, Cryosurvival and DNA-Fragmentation of In Vitro Bovine Blastocysts

Volume 5, Issue 1, April 2011, Pages 21-26

Mahdi Hajian; Seyed Morteza Hosseini; Vajiheh Asgari; Somayyeh Ostadhoosseini; Mohsen Forouzanfar; Mohammad Hossein Nasr Esfahani

Developmental Competence and Pluripotency Gene Expression of Cattle Cloned Embryos Derived from Donor Cells Treated with 5-aza-2'-deoxycytidine

Volume 4, Issue 4, January 2011, Pages 148-155

Farnoosh Jafarpour; Sayed Morteza Hosseini; Mahdi Hajian; Mohsen Forouzanfar; Parvaneh Abedi; Laleh Hosseini; Somaye Ostadhosseini; Soghra Gholami; Mohammad Hossein Nasr Esfahani

Effect of Ovarian Cyclic Status on In Vitro Embryo Production in Cattle

Volume 4, Issue 4, January 2011, Pages 172-175

Akbar Pirestani; Sayyed Morteza Hosseini; Mahdi Hajian; Mohsen Forouzanfar; Fariba Moulavi; Parvaneh Abedi; Hamid Gourabi; Abdolhossein Shahverdi; Ahmad Vosough Taqi Dizaj

Differential Effect of Medium on the Ratio of ICM/TE of Bovine Embryos in a Co-culture System

Volume 3, Issue 4, February 2010, Pages 171-176


Mohsen Forouzanfar; Sayyed Mortaza Hosseini; Mehdi Hajian; Fariba Molavi; Parvaneh Abedi; Mohammad Hossein Nasr Esfahani

In Vitro Comparison of Soybean Lecithin Based-Extender with Commercially Available Extender for Ram Semen Cryopreservation

Volume 3, Issue 3, November 2009, Pages 149-152


Mohsen Sharafi; Mohsen Forouzanfar; Sayed Morteza Hosseini; Mehdi Hajian; Somaye Ostadhosseini; Laleh Hosseini; Parvaneh Abedi; Nafiseh Nili; Hamid Reza Rahmani; Ahmad reza Javaheri; Mohammad Hossein Nasr Esfahani

Highly Efficient In Vitro Production of Bovine Blastocyst in Cell-Free Sequential Synthetic Oviductal Fluid vs. TCM199 Vero Cell Co-Culture System

Volume 2, Issue 2, August 2008, Pages 66-73


Sayyed Morteza Hosseini; Fariba Moulavi; Mahdi Hajian; Parvaneh Abedi; Mohsen Forouzanfar; Somayyeh Ostad Hosseini; Laleh Hosseini; Akbar Pirestani; Hamid Ghasemzadeh Nava; Parviz Tajik; Abdol Hossein Shahverdi; Mohammad Hossein Nasr-Esfahani

Novel Approach of Differential Staining to Detect Necrotic Cells in Preimplantation Embryos

Volume 1, Issue 3, September 2007, Pages 103-106


Seyyed Morteza Hosseini; Mehdi Hajian; Vajihe Asgari; Mohsen Forozanfar; Parvaneh Abedi; Mohammad Hossein Nasr-Esfahani